Our Mission


Neighborhood Yoga seeks to provide a space that supports well being of both body and mind, connecting us to our intrinsic nature, so that this may become the platform from which we connect with one another.


It is the home of education and inspiration located in the heart of downtown Boone. We are dedicated to supporting each individual’s personal journey through a wide spectrum of classes, ranging from calming and centering to dynamic and exhilarating, but all share the purpose of enriching our body, mind, hearts, and community.

Our intention is to warmly welcome you to your practice, exactly as you are, and discover how this ancient practice has the power to heal, inspire and awaken us to our essence.
Through Karma Krew, our yoga-inspired non-profit organization, we focus on mobilizing the collective energy of the yoga community to translate the insights revealed on the mat, and allowing that inspire our lives off the mat and in our community through the practices of mindfulness, compassion in action, community based service projects, and by offering experiences of yoga and classes for under-served populations.