Class Descriptions

Our classes are divided into two basic categories, “Flow” (vinyasa flow) and “Form” (align and refine). All classes are mixed level, unless otherwise stated, and individual modifications are made where necessary. Although the intention and focus may be different, our “flow” classes do not negate alignment, and our “form” classes mindfully incorporate breath and dynamic movement. Each teacher brings their unique interpretation, inspiration, experience, and insights to what they share, whether anatomical, philosophical, or spiritual. Classes can therefore vary greatly in terms of pace, content, and teaching styles, as yoga is not a “one size fits all” approach. For more information on our instructors, individual philosophies, backgrounds and intentions, please view our teacher bio page on our website.

Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way,” therefore, sequencing is given priority in these classes, with a focus on linking conscious breath with mindful flow. The aim is to open the flow of vital energy through an empowering practice that increases strength, balance, flexibility and dynamic alignment, while building tapas (purifying internal heat). Sequences are often structured around surya namaskar (sun salutations), while weaving together themes of wisdom teachings, poetry, and music that can inspire and unfold in a moving meditation. Pose variations and modifications are offered for more or less of a challenge.

These classes focus more on “form” than “flow.” Precise body mechanics and alignment are stressed, and the use of props may be used to accommodate individual differences and support proper alignment. This practice focuses on the inner experience of asana, which can be both subtle and profound. Drawing from both the Iyengar and Anusara traditions, as well as other lineages, classes may incorporate insightful themes and metaphors to create an expression of the poses from the inside out, honoring the innate intelligence and wisdom of the body.

A non-strenuous class that will benefit both beginners and continuing students interested in a gentle approach to yoga. Both therapeutic and meditative, this class will energize body and soul, improve range of motion, increase strength, improve balance, and help still the mind.

Come slow down and nourish yourself! Restorative yoga incorporates the use of props to support the body in positions of ease and comfort, where gravity is the acting force to facilitate relaxation, sooth anxiety, and promote optimal health. Through gentle twists, supported forward folds, gentle back bends, and healing breath work, this style of yoga provides a time for BEING instead of DOING. This class is a practice of actively cultivating the attitude of letting go, in order to deeply relax and reduce excess physical and mental tension.

Beginning with rhythmic vinyasa sequences that incorporate breath, core body strengthening, and energetic awakening, followed by deeply healing Yin postures (deeper, longer held poses) which restore the nervous system and bring the body and mind into a state of receptivity and deep relaxation. If designated as “slow flow,” class will be slower paced than an all-levels flow, with a focus on mindful transitions and dynamic alignment.

We believe in making yoga accessible to all by offering consciously affordable classes on a daily basis. These are one hour, mixed level donation based classes offered Mon-Friday ($5 suggested donation, but no one is turned away). It’s an offering of Karma Yoga (selfless service) to give back to the community. These classes are taught by some of our recent graduates from teacher training. Studio profits from this class go towards supporting our non-profit service organization, Karma Krew.

Is your soul longing for a shot of inspiration? Explore a vinyasa yoga practice that turns asana into a moving, meaningful ritual that reminds you what’s most important in life. Combining the practice of Hatha Yoga, stretching our bodies and connecting our breath; with Bhakti yoga, the practice of opening our hearts; Bhakti Asana is a practice that allows us to embody our sense of devotion by connecting with ourselves on a deeper level, connecting with each other, and opening to something greater. It is a path of awakening that views the body as the gateway (not the obstacle) to personal growth and spiritual transformation. These classes may incorporate live music, stories, or themes that reflect our inner story, that is both personal and universal. “Come as you are, awaken to your essence.”

Neighborhood Yoga is a sanctuary to a free, open group meditation. Everyone is welcome, no meditative experience is necessary. Simple meditation tools and practices will be shared along with insights and group discussions. Come every week, or whenever you are inspired to share this inner journey with others and enjoy meditation’s well known calming and enlightening benefits. Every second Sunday of the month, meditation will be followed be an open to all yoga philosophy discussion on the Bhagavad Gita or the Yoga Sutras.

For mamas-to-be and those desiring to conceive, this class (offered in a workshop series) offers a sacred space for you to connect with yourself, your intentions for birth, your baby, and other expectant mothers. It is a space for Self-Care on all levels of being. Class content will use breath, asana, meditation, journaling and community to prepare you for an empowered birth experience.