Where Can I Park for the King Street Studio?

This is probably the most commonly asked question! It’s not that complicated, once you know the rules. The meters in downtown Boone were not installed to discourage us from coming downtown, but instead to ensure that spaces are available for us when we do. With the university only one block away, and over 15,000 students, you can easily see how downtown parking could be overrun with student parking, and unavailable for patrons of downtown business.

In short . . .

All metered spaces are free after 5:00pm and on Sundays, so street parking on King Street, Depot Street and Queen Street should not be an issue. Before 5:00pm, Queen Street Parking is your best bet. There are 75 meter spaces available there. It is a half block walk to the studio and only $ .50/hour, with a 3 hour maximum. King Street meters are $1 an hour with a two hour maximum, so it’s worth the extra half block walk for more time and less money. The main difference is that the King Street meters will take credit cards, but on Queen Street you’ll need quarters. We can make change for you at the desk if needed.  There are two other long-term (all day) parking lots available on King Street as well. For a detailed explanation of these and all other available parking (as well as a map) visit Town of Boone Parking Information.

Can I park in the lot behind Farmer’s?

This lot services six different businesses, plus another 20 vendors in the Shoppes at Farmers. Each business is allotted 2-3 spots for employees to park. You can see how one class at Neighborhood Yoga could fill the entire lot, and we have 5 classes a day! So we ask that you please honor that.

We hope that you will choose to accept the minor inconvenience of metered parking. It’s a small price to pay to support your local businesses. You can help us become a thriving downtown, where locals and tourists alike want to spend their time, instead of a town of strip malls and huge parking lots, and a downtown that becomes abandoned.

Where Can I Park for the Shanthi Way Studio?

129 Shanthi Way
The Studio is located 2 blocks North of King St., the last light in town(west side).  Coming from town, turn right on Water St., then right on Shanthi Way.  Parking is across the street or metered parking on Queen. Street, one half block before the studio.